SOLO - using various combinations of drums, percussion, amplification and electronics

THE AMES ROOM - minimalist maximalist terror jazz, with Jean-Luc Guionnet and Clayton Thomas

THE SOMMES ENSEMBLE - composition / improvisation / organization with Julien Desprez, Pierre-Antoine Badaroux and Maxime Petit

TETEMA - yet to play live project of Anthony Pateras and Mike Patton

CHARLIE CHARLIE- with low fi cassette / field recording / text mongerer Erell Latimier

ENSEMBLE CERBÈRE- percussion ensemble with Toma Gouband & Alexis Degrenier working with organization

DUO w/OREN AMBARCHI - long slow burner

DUO w/KEITH ROWE - ongoing duo with AMM guitarist improv legend Keith Rowe

DUO w/DAVID MARANHA - drums / organ drone minimal / maximal

DUO w/JEROME NOETiNGER - sparks flying ... everywhere