two new recordings coming soon with two very different projects, both fronted by composer/pianist/collaborateur Anthony Pateras. A new CD by the elctro-acoustic ensemble THYMOLPHTHALEIN recorded in Nancy, Poitiers, Ljubljana & Prague, plus drums by yours truly on a new CD/LP by Pateras & Mike Patton. Info soon HERE
two new projects. Loud as fuck trio with guitarist Ava Mendoza & Lille based bassist Maxime Petit, plus a new quartet in the making entitled THE SOMMES ENSEMBLE with guitarist Julien Desperez, Maxime Petit on bass & Pierre-Antoine Badaroux on saxophone alto.
the new LP / CD on Gaffer Records by THE AMES ROOM entitled IN St Johann, live from Festival ARTACTS in St Johann In Tirol, Austria. Info HERE


5 November 2014 - solo, Festival Les Indisciplinées, Le Galion, Lorient, FR
19 November 2014 - w/ W.A.R, L'ivresse, Nantes, FR
21 November 2014 - solo, Festival Invisible, Brest, FR
30 November 2014 - w/ Hangjun Lee, chez Mire, Gallery HAB, Nantes, FR
2 December 2014 - solo, Le Temps Machine, Tours, FR
3 December 2014 - solo, La Centrifugeuse, Pau, FR
4 December 2014 - solo, Ecuries de Baroja, Anglet, FR
5 December 2014 - solo, Les Pavillons Sauvages, Toulouse, FR
6 December 2014 - solo, Les Hauts Plateaux, La Manutention, Avignon, FR
7 December 2014 - solo, L'Oignon, Saillans, FR
13 December 2014 - w/ THE AMES ROOM, Paris, FR