I play Solo, for 1 person at a time, it happened :

2019 - in a wooden chapel, Festival Bruism, Poitiers, FR
2017 - in a basement, Kraak End Of Daze Festival, Ghent, BL
2015 - in a caravan, Festival Muse En Troc, Landreau, FR
2014 - in an empty shop, NuMusic Festival, Stavanger, NO
2014 - in a closet space, MOFO Festival, MONA, Hobart, AUS
2014 - in a shed, Festival Pepete Lumiere, Cluny, FR
2012 - at the top of a tower, Lieu Unique, Nantes, FR
2008 - on a boat, Bruit de Frigo, Bordeaux, FR