Jean-Luc Guionnet – alto saxophone
Will Guthrie – drums
Clayton Thomas – double bass

The three members of THE AMES ROOM are involved in a multitude of musical activities: free improvisation, electro-acoustic composition, jazz, installations, noise, rock, however all three share a passion for free jazz at it’s most energetic and brutal heights. The music rests somewhere between Roscoe Mitchell’s Noonah, Last Exit’s tribal adventures, and Henry Threadgill’s spider web like tapestries of sound. Between them the three members have worked/work with the likes of Peter Brötzmann, Tobias Delius, Jim Denley, Robin Fox, Chris Abrahams, Axel Dorner, Johannes Bauer, Paul Lovens, Peter Jacquemyn, Burkhard Beins, Keith Rowe, Jerome Noetinger, Thomas Ankersmit, Andy Moor, Tony Buck, Eric La Casa, Eric Cordier, Philipp Samartzis , Marc Baron …